Veritas Matters
Truth In Marketing



The remarkable power of honesty.

Truth. It’s what separates companies with brand loyalty from ones that struggle to gain and keep new business. We live in an era of skeptical customers who don't want to be marketed to. They crave real experiences, real stories. They respond to campaigns that inform them. Or get them excited. Or tug at their heartstrings. Truth matters. What’s your truth?



Featured Work


Meadow Brook Hall Digital

The client's existing website was not delivering enough leads for its wedding business, a key revenue source for this self-sustaining National Historic Landmark. Through a coordinated effort that included developing a new responsive website, expanding content, retooling conversion tracking and implementing a targeted Google AdWords campaign, Meadow Brook witnessed its best year of wedding bookings.  


Henry Ford Ophthalmology Social

The client wanted to drive new patient traffic to specific physicians in multiple subspecialties at different area centers, while minimizing cost. We developed a multi-part, video-driven, Facebook boosted post campaign that was cross-posted on YouTube and the client’s website. As a result of this strategy, we were able to limit media cost while effectively promoting each physician, delivering almost 50,000 video engagements and driving new patient leads.